Jun T. Lai

 Jun T. Lai born in 1953, received MA degree from Tama Art University, Japan. She participated in several artist exchange programs in the US, France and Switzerland. The experiences from immersing in these countries expanded her horizon. In the past 40 years of journey, her experiments and renovation helped to develop the diversity of materials used in her art work, including mixed media painting, sculpture, installation, conceptual and performance art

         The context of her art career is practicing her life through art, from the spiritual concept of minimalism to exploring the state of inner existence, and even the social issues of public art. The connection between the island, ocean and earth, forming the cultural context of ocean aesthetics and it always reflected her aesthetic pursuit on liberalism. Since 2000, "Wonderland" has been developed as the main topic of Jun’s art. Under the subtopics of Youth, Islands, and Oceans, she has been constructing context of individual and Taiwanese subjectivity.

         Her vigorous strength and passions for life can be seen from her over 100 exhibits in Taiwan, Japan, the US, Australia, France and Switzerland. Founder and Director of Studio of Contemporary Art(SOCA); Associate Professor of Institute of Aesthetics and Art management, Nanhua University, Taiwan; Director of Woman Art Association, Taiwan.


Group Exhibition
2021 “10th Edition Sculpture In The City”, London, United Kingdom
2021 “Matching of Arts and Walls: Group Exhibition of the 4th Anniversary of Whitestone
             Gallery, Taipei”, Whitestone Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2020 “Stone Mambo: Hualien International Stone Sculpture Festival”, Hualien, Taiwan
2020 “The Consciousness Flows Within”, Asia University Museum of Modern Art,
             Taichung, Taiwan
2020 “Bordering Dulan- Imagination and Practice”, Taitung Art museum, Taitung,
2019 “Conversation on light and shadow”, Chishang Art Museum, Taitung, Taiwan
2019 “Link to Taiwan: The Retrospective Exhibition of Wu San-lien Prize”, Tainan Art
             Museum, Tainan City, Taiwan
2019 “Cross-Strait Abstract Art Exchange Exhibition”, Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall.
             Remarkable Cultivation Museum, Taipei. Tainan, Taiwan
2019 “Flowers of Immense Charm - A Masterpiece Exhibition by Four Major Museums”,
             NTMoFA, Taichung, Taiwan
2018 “The Charismatic Rebirth of Yore”, MOCATaipei, Taipei, Taiwan
2017 “A Space Andante,” Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
2015 “The Wondrous All: Leading Edge of Eastern Thought,” Taipei Fine Arts Museum,
             Taipei, Taiwan
2014 “WOMEN - In the Name of the Asian Female Artists,” Kaohsiung Museum of Fine
             Arts, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2014 “The Pioneers’ of Taiwanese Artists, 1951-1960,” National Taiwan Museum of
             Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan
2013 “Women Adventurers: Five Eras of Taiwanese Art, 1930-1983,” Taipei Fine Arts
             Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
2013 “New Horizons: Contemporary Trends in Chinese Art,” Taipei Fine Arts Museum,
             Taipei, Taiwan
2012 “When Spaces Became Events — Disposit if of Modernity in the 1980s, Taiwan,”
             Kaohsiung museum of Fine Art, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2012 “Formless Form,” Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
2006 “Art Capital Le Salon,” Paris Grand Palais, France
2005 “Asian Potential - Art Nursed by Sea and Islands,” Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art,
             Aichi, Japan
2004 “The Multiform Ninetie-s Taiwan’s Art Branches out,” Taipei Fine Arts
             Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
2004 “The Transitional Eighties- Taiwan’s Art Breaks New Ground,” Taipei Fine Arts
             Museum, Taipei, Taiwan 
2002 “The Gravity of the Immaterial,” Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea
2001 “Simple Shapes, Multiple Visions- Images of Circle and Square in Contemporary
             Taiwanese Art,” Taipei Gallery, New York, U.S.A 
2001 “The Gravity of the Immaterial,” MOCA Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan 
2000 “Journey of the Spirit,” Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
1999 “Volume and Form,” Singapore International Festival of Arts, Singapore
1998 “Imageries of Dazzling Luminaries,” National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts,
             Taichung, Taiwan
1995  "Taiwan Contemporary Art - Australia's Four Cities' Art Gallery Tour", Sydney/Gold
             Coast/Canberra/Jiagang, Australia
1994 “The Taipei Biennial of Contemporary Art,” Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei,
1992 “Moving Clouds and Flowing Water,” Ohara Ikebana Institute, Tokyo, Japan
1989 “Four Persons,” LA Art Core, Los Angeles, U.S.A
1989 “Artists of Taiwan and L.A.,” Taiwan Museum of Arts, Taichung, Taiwan
1989 “Messages from Taipei,” Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japan
1987 “Chinese Contemporary Art,” National Contemporary Art Museum, Seoul, Korea 
1986 “Contemporary Chinese Sculpture Exhibition,” Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei,
1986 “Environment / Installations / Video Exhibition,” SOCA, Studio of Contemporary
              Art, Taipei, Taiwan
1986 “Contemporary Art Trends in R.O.C,” Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei,Taiwan
1985 “Play of Space II,” Spring Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
1983 “Invitational Exhibition,” Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan