Ho Kan

1932        Born in Nanjing

1950        Study at National Taipei University of Education




2015   「Ho Kan Solo Exhibition」Moon Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

2014   「Ho Kan Solo Exhibition」Moon12Art, Taipei, Taiwan

           「Abstract / Symbol / Oriental – Exhibition of Taiwan’s Masters of Modern Art」

             Liang Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2013   「Ho Kan Original Sketch Exhibition」LOVE space, Taipei, Taiwan

           「HoKan Exhibition ---Time in Between」STARTS Studio, Taipei, Taiwan

2012   「Age 80‧Ho Kan's Drawing Exhibition」Da xiang artspace ,Taichung ,Taiwan

           「Exploring the Wasteland – The Eight Highwaymen of the East」Da xiang art space

             Taichung ,Taiwan

           「Formless Form - Taiwanese Abstract Art」, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei,


2011   「Exhibition Tour」, National Tsing Hua University , Hsinchu ; Providence University,

             Taichung ; National Cheng Kung University, Tainan

2010   「Ho Kan Solo Exhibition」Da xiang art space ,Taichung ,Taiwan

2001     Dimensions Art Gallery, ,Taipei ,Taiwan

1994     National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts ,Taichung ,Taiwan

1993     Eslite Gallery ,Taipei ,Taiwan

1990     Eslite Gallery ,Taipei ,Taiwan

1985     Galleria Toni Brechbuhl, Switzerland

1985     Non libreria, Milan, Italy

1985     Art center, Taipei, Taiwan 

1984     Galleria Artecentro, Milan, Italy

1982     Galleria Artecentro, Milan, Italy

1979     Galleria Plusart, Venice, Italy

1979     Pinacotecae Museicomunali, Italy

1978     Galleria Artecentro, Milan, Italy

1977     Galleria Chutz, Switzerland

1977     Galleria Eco, Italy

1976     Galleria Fumagalli, Italy

1976     Galleria Artecentro, Milan, Italy

1975     Galleria Gemelli, Italy

1974     Galleria di Alessandria, Italy

1974     Galleria Andromeda, Italy

1974     Galleria Marcon IV, Italy

1973     Galleria del leone, Italy

1973     Abbazia dei padri Benedettini, Italy

1973     Istituto Italo Cinese, Milan, Italy

1973     Galleria Artecentro, Milan, Italy

1972     Galleria Giovio, Italy

1972     Galleria AeA, Italy

1972     Studio Maspes-Romegialli, Italy

1971     Galleria Giorgi, Italy

1971     Galleria Il Fondaco, Italy

1971     Galleria Der Barba, Italy

1971     Galleria Artecentro, Milan, Italy

1971     Galleria Studio, Italy

1970     Galleria Orez, Netherlands

1970     Galleria L’Entracter, Switzerland

1970     Galleria Brambach, Basel, Switzerland

1969     Galleria Artecentro, Milan, Italy

1968     Galleria L’ Entracter, Switzerland

1968     Galleria Wilm Falazik, West Germany

1967     Galleria Pozzi, Italy

1967     Galleria Artecentro, Milan, Italy

1966     Galleria Merlo, Italy

1966     Galleria La Cornice, Italy

1966     Galleria Sanpetronio, Italy

1966     Studio Maspes-Romegialli, Italy

1965     Galleria Artecentro, Milan, Italy

1965     Galleria Dell’ Arnetta, Italy

1965     Galleria Il Cenobbio, Milan, Italy

1960     Galleria Numero, Italy