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Night Zoo

2024/4/26 ~ 2024/5/25
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At night, casually scrolling through the phone, watching animal videos that occasionally appear on Instagram. Many unknown exotic creatures, accustomed to being groomed and tickled in people's homes, eating sweet fruits impossible to find in the wild, their faces brimming with a happiness that resembles a smile. Suddenly, Ai-Hua HSIA feel like witnessing a scene from another world. Because Ai-Hua HSIA don't know if these animals are real or fake, the visuals are so vivid yet magical. Undeniably, these animal videos always garner hundreds of thousands of likes, resonating widely with admiration, as if they belong to a collective subconscious world.

To Ai-Hua HSIA, this space is seen as a world that many people yearn for. These animals, like elves, may or may not exist, but when people see these images, enter this space, the elves bring a golden cloud, giving people a moment of joy. And this space is called“zoo of the night”.

夏愛華《 古文明神獸》
夏愛華《 傳說中的守護神》
夏愛華《 挪威森林精靈》
夏愛華《 旅途的知更》
夏愛華《 紅眼睛》
夏愛華《 綠色迴旋》
夏愛華《 滿背都是草地》
夏愛華《 王者風範》
夏愛華《 波光粼粼》
夏愛華《 遙遠的記憶》
夏愛華《 徜徉》
夏愛華《 鹿角蕨6》
夏愛華《 古代厥3》