Un paysage inaltéré-Tai Ho Ying  Solo Exhibition
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Un paysage inaltéré-Tai Ho Ying Solo Exhibition

2024/1/20 ~ 2024/2/24
2024/01/20 15:00
  • Un paysage inaltéré

Un Paysage Inaltéré

"The scenery outside the window remains the same, the still life inside is reorganized. Old color layers can still be superimposed with new color layers. The image is interrupted, three-year gap, how to make it up? "Manage position" all over again to continue..." Tai Ho Ying


Although Tai Ho Ying has lived in Paris, France for a long time and adopted Western painting techniques, his profound Chinese culture background always makes his works filled with a calm atmosphere. In this exhibition- Un Paysage Inaltéré, viewers can see the changes in Tai Ho Ying's recent works. His brushwork is more relaxed, and the use of color is also liberated from the past. As if a hearty, rich and vivid scene is displayed on the canvas. This unique fusion of Eastern and Western aesthetic consciousness is the crystallization of time and is expressed fully in Tai Ho Ying's works.


The setting sun and soft light are captured through Tai Ho Ying's keen perspective, creating a scene of an ordinary afternoon or a fresh holiday morning. For many years, he guarded the daylight in front of his studio window. The morning light and sunset became the inspiration for his creation. His depictions of scenery show a magical and realistic color, creating elegant paintings.

戴海鷹《蘋果 靜物(一)》
戴海鷹《梨 靜物(二)》
戴海鷹《石榴 靜物》
戴海鷹《玫瑰 窗台 (一)》
戴海鷹《梨 靜物 (一)》
戴海鷹《玫瑰 窗台 (二)》
戴海鷹《梨 靜物 (三)》
戴海鷹《栗 靜物》
戴海鷹《蘋果 靜物(二)》