Ancient and Modern: An Approach to Art
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Ancient and Modern: An Approach to Art

2023/11/3 ~ 2023/11/22
  • Ancient and Modern: An Approach to Art

Ancient and Modern

Since the development of post-modern art, art has turned into a positive practice to blend the vision and intention of contemporary art. The development of technology also indirectly constitutes the complex aspects of contemporary art. If we say that in the category of contemporary art, one of the two ends is to lead the contemporary ideological trend into research and the exploration of future development, the other end is a certain group facing the accelerated change of technological society and wanting to do the opposite. Their art works not only retain the timeless classical forms, but also contain the imagination of today's reality. Its connotation is that even if the time goes back a century or two, such a creative method or technique is a positive practice, and it continues using to this day can still respond to the current state of society.


For this exhibition, Moon Gallery will introduce seven artists—Hao WU , Hoi-Ying TAI, Yeou-Jui CHO, Tzu-Chi YEH, Hsin-Hua PAN, Ai-Hua HSIA, Chih-Cheng HUANG, belong to the latter group mentioned above in the classification of contemporary art. They are representatives of Western and Eastern media using classical and traditional techniques. Discussing when "Ancient and Modern" as an artistic approach, what kind of sparks will be produced.


These artists use traditional way to practice contemporary art. They are not refusing to keep pace with the trend, but intending to conduct a dialogue between ancient and modern on creative thinking and material techniques. Repositioning artistic creation in cultural cognition. Put aside the inherent concept of "tradition", and develop the confluence of contemporary people's life, space and culture.