Lightwell - Jeng Jun Dian  Solo Exhibition
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Lightwell - Jeng Jun Dian Solo Exhibition

2023/10/7 ~ 2023/11/18
2023.10.07 15:00
  • Lightwell-JENG Jun Dian Solo Exhibition

Lightwell - Jeng Jundian Solo Exhibition



An outdoor space inside the building.

A corridor that brings enough light in.

A place where the gloominess can breathe.


The imagination of wild grass, roses and stones begins with the description of light and details, projecting personal life and emotions.


Lightwell is similar to impluvium in Minnan architecture.

Impluvium, where I play when I was a child.

Shen Fu’s childhood memories: …I could look at sun with eyes open. I could see very small things clearly. When I see something small, I would definitely observe its texture carefully…

The curiosity to scrutinize textures developed through daily life and influenced my passion for painting later.


It is easy to immerse myself in a square space.  Also, it is a "spiritual field."


Impluvium, lightwell, studio. The first two are the place where the artist meditates, and the latter is the place where his body connects to his paintings.

Here, light and color are perfectly interpreted. 

鄭君殿《火炎山 B03》
鄭君殿《花 061622》
鄭君殿《火炎山 A07》
鄭君殿《野草 160724》
鄭君殿《無題 280623》