Yesterday, When I Was Young - Wang Wu
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Yesterday, When I Was Young - Wang Wu

2023/9/9 ~ 2023/9/30
2023.09.09 15:00
  • Yesterday, When I Was Young - Wang Wu

Yesterday, When I Was Young - Wang Wu

By Wang Wu

    "Yesterday, When I Was Young" is named after a collection of short stories and essays by Chu Tian Xin that I read when I was very young. I remember that from high school to university, I would read Chu Tian xin’s early works from time to time. I’ve read Gi Rang Ge many times but still can find the reasons to like it. It is true to say that the thoughts in the book are naïve, yet, it's naivety makes that book so sincere and energetic. Childishness and exuberance、clumsiness and forcefulness often co-exist. Shi Men Ming and Long Men Er Shi Pin are good examples.

    In the process of learning, researching and even pursuing art, I’d always receive a voice from the outside and my heart: keep refining. But I am more aware of the creator's stupidity and courage are losing while refining techniques、styles and thematic symbols. Perhaps because of the influence of folk art from peasants, I value stupidity and courage more. Just like I can understand Dong Qichang’s ink works are very clean and beautiful, Chiang Chao Shen’s works are very dashing. But I am much more moved by YU Chen Yao or Tomioka Tessai’s works.

   "Yesterday, When I Was Young" will display a selection from my old works from different stages. There are early wood self-carvings and still life sketches when I was in the university. Also, some "illustration design" I did for publications when I was studying for my doctoral degree. To "unearthed" my past works and let them become an exhibition, I’d like to thank Moon Gallery for their support and understanding. I am surprised when I look back at my old works. Sometimes I wonder why would I take action "like this" and sometimes I almost forget my original thoughts. In any case, inexplicable childishness and courage are valuable. And, it is an important reminder.